Tonnellerie de Mercurey

A different way of making wine barrels


Vitis Vinifera Awards partners with industry leaders and companies who have a long-standing commitment to the wine and spirit industry.

With expertise passed from father to son, Tonnellerie de Mercurey combines over 25 years’ experience in the art of making barrels at a unique and innovative cooperage. They are passionate about two things:

  • Selecting the finest oak trees from the best forests in France.
  • Creating superior barrels using traditional cooperage methods combined with their signature blending techniques.

From forest to wine the team of forestry experts, dedicated stave-mill specialists, artisan coopers and experienced oenologists combine to offer an unrivalled range of complimentary and integrated skills and knowledge of their profession.

It is this depth and breadth of professionalism that allows Tonnellerie de Mercurey to promise a personalised answer to all the requirements of the winemaker.

Tonnellerie de Mercurey barrels are exclusively imported and distributed by RX South Africa.

For more information visit or contact RX South Africa directly.


Telephone: +27 21 862 0921

Telephone: +27 21 862 8875