Company Details:
The terms of Privacy establishes how information processing operations should be implemented in connection with the site which is obtainable at It is implemented via the internet and through The Awards Show (Pty) Ltd (with registration number 2013/212836/07). The terms of Privacy is subsequently listed. Our Privacy terms are applicable to both listed and unlisted users of The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website.
The terms “Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge”, “Rosé Challenge”, “The Awards Show”, “The Awards Show (Pty) Ltd”, site and website all refer to the entity, of a website of the entity, and is used alternatively throughout the document, to refer to the same thing.

Recognition of Policy:
The policy is lawful, compulsory and actionable on every individual that enters the site or various areas of the site. It is imperative that you scrutinise the policy meticulously as operations on the site would be tantamount to compliance with the policy. In the event that you are in contradiction with stipulations of the policy, leave The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website immediately as continuous operations would make your answerable to the terms of the policy irrespective of your objections to the stipulations of the policy.

Kinds of details obtained from users:
Certain facts would be obtained from potential users when you sign up at The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website, these facts serves as a fundamental prerequisite to render services that you demand. Even though not exhaustive, the list includes the preceding facts:

  • Complete name
  • Email address
  • Work or residential Address
  • Proprietor/Connected Business
  • Telephone number
  • Date of Birth
  • Purpose for entering the site
  • Relevant info on Advertising/Affiliate medium that is recommended for the site if any
  • The purpose to which facts demanded from the site would be used for
  • Optional visitor appraisal of enterprises, or entries into competitions
  • All of the aforesaid private facts would be stored through automated systems or via the use of cookies according to how it is offered by you willingly

E-mail Opt-Out and POPI Act:

  • We are always accessible and ready to delete your personal details from our database in the event that you desire that it be taken out. In the event that you want to cancel subscription, you can initiate the entire process by clicking in the designated link provided which is at the base of all emails sent out. This would effectively scrub you from the list.
  • The POPI Act comes into effect on 1 July 2021. It has been implemented to protect how your data is used and stored. Should you wish to be removed from our database, and no longer receive our communications, use every email received as an opportunity to unsubscribe. Should you not unsubscribe, it will be noted that you are giving us permission to retain your information on our database.
  • You can also email us at at any time not to be included in communications.

Disseminating details to third parties:

  • Coupled with the policy and processes that are implemented to ensure the safety of your personal details, the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 25 of 2002 also ensures the safety of your details.
  • In alignment with other stipulations of the policy, The Awards Show (Pty) Ltd would not disseminate or communicate your personal details with a third-party, only when bound by law and court summons to release such details.
  • The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website refrains completely from participating in the marketing or dissemination of your personal details, with exemptions for these arrangements:
  • Various forms of personal details offered to The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website could undergo a series of transmissions over various geographical boundaries for analytical, storage, merging and other technical processes that would allow for effective planning and utilisation of information. It becomes imperative to stress that the legal framework that protects your information may not be obtainable or applicable in other countries.
  • The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website reserves the right to reveal relevant details to its branches, partners and dealers that collaborate with The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge to facilitate data analysis. Additionally, The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website has unrestricted authority to integrate with another enterprise or be purchased and owned by other enterprises or entities. In such cases, it becomes binding and permissible that The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge does not hold back on various details from the merging or buying enterprise thus allowing some or all of your personal information to be provided.
  • The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website is completely exonerated form any harm, forfeiture or burden, irrespective of its form emerging from the inadvertent exploitation of details provided to the merger or buying entity.
  • It is the assumption that you are acutely aware and willingly consent to all of the arrangements pertaining to the transmission and analysing of your personal details in accordance with all of the aforementioned ways when you contact and continue operations on The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website.

Privacy and Safety of Credit/Debit card details
Unless specifically indicated to the contrary in the policy, the stipulations, methods and practices of the Payfast website and various appropriately authorised disbursing bank, clearing bank and card association would be actionable and applicable to all disbursements and dealings finalised on the site with your entitlements and responsibilities corresponding with required payments owed to you or owed by you would be administered respectively. We undertake to guarantee through every means available that the Credit/Debit cards on The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website is safe and protected. Various fundamental methods and processes implemented to guarantee the safety of Credit/Debit card transaction are contained in the subsequent list:

  • Dealings by Credit/Debit Card would be obtained from The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website through the Payfast website as they are authorised disbursement channel for Nedbank in South Africa.
  • We do not engage in the storage of any Credit/Debit Card information in our database. Our duty is simply to function as a channel by transferring the Credit/Debit card information to the Payfast website as they are responsible for sanctioning the transactions, thus exempting us from the challenge of holding the information in our database. If you require additional information on Payfast go to
  • The collaborative operations of The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website and Payfast employ an impregnable form of encryption, which is known as the Secure Socket Layer 3 (SSL3). We maintain that every Credit/Debit information would be transferred through safe and protected channels this effectively means that we would not be transferring through email. For additional information and details contact www.payfast website to get an insight into the safety details and policy.
  • When you endure forfeiture, harm or burden as a result of The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website following the aforesaid basic processes, you would consequently secure and free The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website of any forfeiture, harm or burden irrespective of the form in which it may emerge from disbursements and dealings finalised on the site.

Client monitoring: Because we are conscious of offering improved services to clients we are entitled to:

  • Monitor users operations via the site, consider various operations on the site via secondary tools which encompasses but is not restricted to”Google Analytics”, while cooperating with secondary monitoring services which encompasses but is not confined to “Google Adwords”. Various involvement and partnership with a secondary entity would be implemented with the optimism that everything would be sufficiently guarded.
  • The use of cookies is used by The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website anytime you enter the website which would help us detect subsequent entry to the site. You can use software so as not to be able to accept cookies. Using cookies, we would become efficiently positioned to modify activities on the site to meet your needs. This also means that when you deactivate the cookie, certain services would not function like it should. The presence of secondary services utilised by the site just as those covered by Google Adwords, would not use cookies to monitor your operations on the site simply to increase overall service.
  • Taking IP address details: In cases where you visit The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website site, we retain your IP address. The IP address provides relevant details about your internet service provider, however it does not provide information on the user. In addition to the IP address, your domain address could also be retained, the type of web-surfing software you require, and the OS that dispatched the URL and so on. All this information is not private, and is collated for technical and general reasons. All of these forms of details are controlled by The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website and they are entitled to use all of this information as they are owned by The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge.

Relevance of the policy:
The Privacy policy is exclusively relevant to The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website. The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website may have hyperlinks that lead in and out of the site. However, they are not managed by The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website and are not covered by the Privacy policy. Additionally, various hyperlinks do not suggest authorisation, approval or consent of the material, products and services of various connected sites and The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website does not shoulder responsibility for various materials the Privacy and safety policies imply that are initiated by connected sites.

Information Entree, Correctness & Adjustments:

  • The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website would act within to confines of morality and legality while employing every means necessary to preserve all of your private details. You would be granted access to the details, and you would be granted an avenue to edit errors for exactness. Measures would be implemented to guarantee that various errors would be corrected when opportune.
  • Sensible actions would be implemented to confirm your identity before certain actions are taken to allow admission to your details. In instances where you require that your personal details are removed from the database, we would implement a complete removal.

The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website would undertake every sensibly lawful action and process to safeguard your personal details. In instances where there is an unsure occurrence jeopardising the safety of your personal details that we have in our custody, you would be promptly issued with an alert to inform you on the developments within the shortest time frame practicable.

Alterations to the policy:
The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website is completely entitled to make modifications to the policy whenever decided, without alert, warning or explanation. Various alterations would be circulated on this designated page. It is expected that you scrutinise the Privacy terms at the beginning of every engagement with the site, as further actions and operations on the site would suggest and affirm that you have considered and agreed to the various modifications.

Retail channel country and exchange currency
The website retail channel is in South Africa. The official exchange currency is the South African Rand.

Country of residence
The website embodies South African laws and 
The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website determines the domicilium citandi et executandi applicable to every case in the contract, irrespective of when in reference to court proceedings, see or various documentations or communication of whichever form, as 9 Middebosch, Dorp Street, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa.

Changes to terms of use:
The Rosé Wine and Spirit Challenge website is entitled to the right, due to the dynamic nature of the business, to adjust the contract or various sections of the contract for whatever reason without notification. The various adjustments would be publicised on this page. It comes highly recommended that you scrutinise the contract from the start, because you would only be available to use the website and its contents by being in accordance with any changes affected on this page. By continuing operations on the website even when modifications are publicised, you agree to these changes.